Mindful Matters Membership


At Root Runners, we emphasize the mental benefits of running just as much as the physical.  When you’re mindful (present) about your day to day mental health, you’re more ready to make a positive impact on yourself and those around you.  Movement is the cognitive blueprint for improvement. “John Ratey”

When you sign up to be a Mindful Matters Member, you acknowledge that above all PR’s and PB’s, lies your mental health and your human connection to why you do what you do. The everyday stressors of life, family and work are all somehow made manageable through our abilities to walk or run.  Our health affects everything we do and everyone we know.  By being Mindful, we understand this responsibility and strive to continue to well it up, everyday.


  • Spend $150, get 10% back in rewards (store credit)
  • Exclusive invites to special events
  • Special offers on new releases and used gear
  • Free Sneaker Cleaning, anyday, anytime
  • And… MORE!!
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