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At Root Runners, we strive to put our customers and team of employees first and ensure the best experience
possible by offering our expertise in making sure they get the best gear for their goals.
Being mindful about running and its direct effects on our mental well being and
translating that through our positive attitudes, professional knowledge, and fit process
is key for all our associates.

Please Read Before Submitting

At Root Runners, we strive for excellence across all facets of our industry to ensure we are providing the best customer experience. This means that all associates need to work together to ensure that our team knowledge and abilities lead our customers to the right finish line and are always understanding of this learned and evolving process. We hire those who find passion in being active, helping others, and who understand the importance of community and our responsibility to help all of those who enter our store find the best products and services to meet their needs.

Root Runners will always listen and learn and have an atmosphere of inclusivity and togetherness. We want our work to be meaningful and fun. Rewarding and engaging. We will always ensure we are very mindful in our hiring process. We want to make sure our potential associates are passionate and aspire to grow with Root Runners to help expand its mission.

If you’d like to apply to be a team member at Root Runners, it’s important to know how our company values stack up against our expectations in our associates.

Value 1: Putting Other First

We are looking for those individuals who are able to listen and engage with our customers in a meaningful and purposeful way. To want to help them find their best path forward and who will always listen to their needs and do their best to outfit them appropriately. Never outdoing a customer or making them feel of lesser status or fitness, instead always encouraging and providing continued resources outside of our store to help keep them moving. When dealing with customers of all walks, patience is key and so is personality. Don’t forget, we are a footwear business, feet are a part of what we do. There will be looking, sometimes touching of our customer’s feet. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to rethink how much you would enjoy our “shoe for you” fit process.

Value 2: Listening and Responding

It is imperative that we understand our role in listening to our customer’s goals, accomplishments, injuries, needs, and wants. Providing the best response is up to us. It can range from a simple recommendation, helping them get into the right pair of shoes through our shoe-for-you fit process, or connecting them with an outside source to help them in a particular area in which you picked up upon during conversation. Our customers want more than just shoes, they want to feel connected and inspired. It’s our job to provide advice and recommendations. We are a resource retailer.

Value 3: Lead by Example

Passion for leading an active lifestyle, running or general fitness is what leads our work in helping our customers. We want to inspire and engage our customers and community through the most positive experiences we can. All of that begins with interactions with yourself and fellow associates. We need to lead continuously through our behaviors, services, and resources. Leading by example means that no matter what the job entails, they are all valued and necessary in order to achieve our tasks. If there is downtime on the sales floor, we will find items to busy ourselves such as cleaning, stocking, and more. We must be able to recognize these times and understand the process in order to shift the necessary gears to help cross-off line items. It’s a must, that even if busied with these other tasks when a customer enters the store, you must change lanes and help them. The other tasks can wait, remember Value 1, put people first.

Value 4: Innovate Continuously

Root Runners strives to provide the best experience for our customers. We will always stay on top of the latest trends in products and technologies. The information is constantly changing and it’s up to us to be up to date. Education is key at root Runners and we do not take it lightly. Becoming an expert, “shoe for you fit master” is serious and requires a ton of learned education on the industry, the shoes, and their specific traits as well as the customer and our key fit indicators. Root Runners will hold weekly training and educational meetings to ensure we are always learning about our products and better ways to offer them. Knowing what we are talking about is the key to earning our customer’s trust and their return back to our store. If you have a passion for this industry, it becomes less of a job and more of an excitement.

Value 5: Include Everyone

Teamwork makes the dream work. All our ideas, hard work, and commitment to one another are some of Root Runner’s core values. Making sure everyone is heard and respected is how all our associates, customers, and community members will be met, in and out of the store. Making sure we are on time for your shift, being patient with others, and working hard both on the floor and in the backroom is a key component to a healthy work environment. It shows leadership to all who you work with. Making sure we help others when we can. Helping another team member put away shoes after or during a fit if you can. Always finding ways to contribute.

Value 6: Giving Back To Others

At the end of the day, we are the experts. Our customers rely on our knowledge of our products and services to make sure they get the best experience. From shoes to exercises, recommendations and products, our customers trust us with their needs. By performing at our best and administering care in everything we do and say, we get the great opportunity of giving back to others. Giving them an opportunity to create a better self. One that is more equip and able. Root Runners is committed to giving back to the community and organizations it believes in that parallel its mission. The better we serve, the more we can give.

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